The 2024 ISHRS Europe Live Surgery Workshop in Milan was a monumental success, marking a significant milestone in the field of hair restoration surgery. Along with my Co-Chair, Dr. Piero Tesauro, we had the honor of overseeing this prestigious workshop and are proud to share the highlights and achievements of this event with you.

The workshop, held immediately after the 46th International S.I.Tri. Congress, saw an overwhelming interest from participants worldwide, demonstrating the global commitment to advancing hair restoration techniques. This year’s workshop was not just a showcase of cutting-edge techniques but also a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of the hair restoration community.

We opened the event with a focus on the objectives of fostering continuous learning and integrating innovative techniques in hair restoration surgery. The workshop, hosted at the renowned San Raffaele Hospital on Sunday, May 26, 2024, featured three state-of-the-art operating theaters where live surgical procedures were meticulously demonstrated.

Unparalleled Participation and Impeccable Organization

The workshop witnessed a remarkable turnout of esteemed hair surgeons from across the globe. The modern and cutting-edge facilities at the venue reflected our high standards and commitment to excellence. The organization was impeccable, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all attendees.

State-of-the-Art Surgical Demonstrations

 Operating Room 1:

  This room focused on Shallow FUT harvesting and Shaven FUE procedures, utilizing advanced devices like the WAW DUO and Zeus, along with precision tools such as the Robopen and Lion implanters. Dr. Marcelo Pitchon showcased the Shallow FUT harvesting technique, while Dr. Alex Gonzales demonstrated the use of Zeus, resulting in high-quality grafts. Dr. Asim Shahmala utilized the WAW tool for efficient harvesting. The latest techniques in placing and implanting with sharp implanters were demonstrated by Dr. Conradin von Albertini using Lion implanters and Dr. Levent Acar with the Robopen.

Operating Room 2:

Dedicated to Long Hair FUE Eyebrows Restoration, this room highlighted techniques for eyebrow drawing, long hair harvesting, and follicular unit insertion. Dr. Laura Caicedo Albariello demonstrated harvesting long hair using Trivellini’s machine, assisted by Dr. Leoncio Moncada. The placing procedure was expertly handled by Dr. Felipe Pittella using sharp Lion implanters. The curvature of the angle and direction of the grafts was significantly enhanced by the use of long hair.

Operating Room 3:

Explored specialty treatments including PRP Plasma X, TRICOPAT procedures, and SEFFIHAIR with adipose stem cells, showcasing the potential of regenerative medicine in hair restoration. Professor Santo Raffaele Mercuri, Director of the Department of Dermatology at San Raffaele, provided an in-depth look into PRP Plasma X with pre-activation of platelets using a new LED light system. Professor Alessandro Gennai performed the SEFFIHAIR procedure with adipose stem cells, demonstrating its remarkable therapeutic potential. Dr. Elisa Francesconi elucidated the TRICOPAT machine procedure and the conveyance of exosomes.

Interactive Learning and Expert Moderation

Participants were divided into teams to maximize the learning experience, allowing them to observe and interact with the different procedures in all theaters. Each operating theater had two moderators overseeing the sessions alternately, ensuring a thorough and interactive learning experience. In the Main Amphitheater, main moderators Dr. Bessam Farjo and Dr. Paul T. Rose facilitated discussions and addressed numerous questions from the audience, ensuring that no query or concern remained unresolved. This led to a comprehensive exchange of knowledge and expertise among participants.

Recognizing Excellence in Hair Restoration Surgery

The workshop concluded with a ceremony recognizing the active participation and contributions of the hair surgeons. Awards were presented to honor their dedication and achievements, reinforcing the collaborative spirit and commitment to advancing the field of hair restoration surgery.

In summary, the 2024 ISHRS Europe Live Surgery Workshop, under the chairmanship of myself, Dr. Georgios Zontos, and Co-Chair Dr. Piero Tesauro, was a resounding success. It showcased the latest innovations and techniques in hair restoration surgery, provided invaluable hands-on learning experiences, and fostered a collaborative environment for advancing the field. The collective expertise of the top-notch hair surgeons from around the world, along with the enthusiastic participation of attendees, has set a new benchmark for excellence in hair restoration surgery.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to ISHRS and S.I.Tri, my Co-Chair Dr. Piero Tesauro, and all the esteemed colleagues who actively participated in this workshop, resulting in a first-class worldwide event that advanced the field.